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Born and reared in the heart of North Carolina, Sanford, in Lee County, Miller has an extensive background in the architectural field. He attended Elon College, Mars Hill College and the North Carolina State University School of Design. Miller is a former President of the North Carolina Association of Home Designers and past President of North Carolina Institute of Residential Design.

Miller has drawn a large selection of historical building, landmarks, churches, schools and colleges across the state, winning numerous local and state awards. Since the Spring of 1974 Miller has been commissioned by historical societies, county boards, art guilds, civic clubs, colleges and banks to draw various historical buildings in his finely detailed style. His passion for aviation has led him to develop a portfolio of over 100 aircraft sketches ranging from the Wright Brother's "Kitty Hawk" to World War I & II planes, experimental and commercial aircraft, to the Space Shuttle. Miller has also drawn steam locomotives, train stations and fishing and recreational boats.

In most recent years Miller has directed his talents to the media of watercolors, showing the same expertise as in his pen and ink. Miller was given the honor of painting an original watercolor painting for President Ronald Reagan and presented then Vice President George Bush with a watercolor of Duke Chapel in 1986. He has been chosen poster artist for many fund raisers and festivals including the United Way Campaign for IBM and the North Carolina Seafood Festival.

Miller's work is marketed throughout the South in numerous galleries and retail shops. He has exhibited in several one man shows as well as many other exhibitions and shows throughout the Southeastern United States.

Miller resides in Cary, North Carolina with his wife Jean of over 55 years, in the same home they raised their three children. He divides his time between his passions, painting & drawing, golf, community service and  his grandchildren. 



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